Can forskolin help with erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction occurs when one is unable to have a firm erection during sex. It is a stressful thing especially if it happens frequently and most people end up with low self-esteem or even have relationship issues. It is therefore advisable for one to treat the issue before it becomes too late and that is when forskolin comes in. Forskolin is one of the mostly used traditional herbs found in the 70s. Being from the mint family, the herb was used to treat diseases like asthma, blood pressure, psoriasis, allergies, eye problems and even glaucoma. Because it has spasmolytic, forskolin might help regulate cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) thus preventing one from getting serious medical issues. Its ability to regulate the level of cAMP makes it possible for the herb to treat fertility issues. Below are the reasons why:

Nitric Oxide

About 30 percent of men suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point. Nitric oxide plays a very important role in the erection process. A certain study discovered that the nerves present in the penis were mostly controlled by the amount of nitric oxide. Due to phosphorylation, the chemical is released as expected thus retaining the erection. Phosphorylation occurs when the physical stimulation as well as the nerve impulses.
For its many qualities, forskolin increases arousal hence treating erectile dysfunction in men. Here is why, cAMP is a compound which regulates cells hence stabilizing the amount of histamine. Forskolin can help in normalizing the condition by balancing the levels of cAMP Forskolin increases the rate at which the nitric oxide is pumped in the penis therefore maintaining the erection.
Forskolin is also known to increase the amount of bovine and motility hence it is very useful in treating erectile dysfunction.

Side effects and caution

People who have other medical conditions like low blood pressure or ulcers should seek for medical advice from their doctors before using forskolin. This is because the herb can increase digestive juices therefore causing more risks.
You should also avoid using the herb if you have been appointed for any form or surgery. As discussed before, forskolin increases blood flow so one could risk bleeding a lot if taken in this period.


Forskolin can do a lot when it comes to treating the condition. It is also beneficial to the respiratory and reproductive systems hence preventing heart diseases and UTI. Consult your doctor if the symptoms still persist.