Forskolin and Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

In today’s society where every new miracle of herbal extracts cannot be trusted, forskolin has withstood all tests as it has undergone a scientific study by professionals in a recognized institution. The published study findings supported the many health benefits of forskolin including its ability to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections.
Forskolin is an extract obtained naturally from indian plant coleus scientific name coleus forskohlii. This plant is a member of the mint family. The extract has long been used in traditional Indian culture to treat cases of painful urination due to urinary tract infections.
A Urinary tract infection is mostly caused by bacteria known as E.coli. Studies have shown that women are more likely to suffer from this infection than men. This kind of infection is a serious health problem as it can spread to the kidneys. The infection causes a lot of discomfort to the patient and is known as the second most common type of infection. Many people experience discomforts like frequent urination, burning sensation while urinating, or feeling generally unwell.
Urinary tract infections have a notorious way of recurrence and experts explain that this is due to the antibiotic treatment that is used not removing all of the causative bacteria from the urinary tract. When the antibiotic treatment ends, the remaining bacteria emerge and begin to multiply causing a re-occurrence of the infection.
The inability of the antibiotics to eradicate all of the causative bacteria is due to the factor that some bacteria hide in the folds of the inner lining of urinary tract and wait until all of the antibiotics are flushed from the system to emerge and multiply again causing a recurrent infection.
A research recently done at Duke University found that forskolin can aid in treatment of the causative bacteria of recurrent urinary tract infections if taken with antibiotics. This is because forskolin enhances the ability of the antibiotics to eradicate all the harmful bacteria from the urinary tract thus decreasing the chances of an infection recurring. The research discovered that froskoline is very effective in flushing out bacteria that hide in the folds found in the lining of th urinary tract. When the bacteria are flushed out they become susceptible to the antibiotic treatment.
The research used mice which were injected with forskolin. There was a success of the extract flushing out 75 percent of the harmful bacteria hiding in the folds of the urinary tract. It now remains for the team of researchers to establish whether forscoline will be effective when taken orally in tablet form, as that is the form it will be used to treat humans.
The use of froskoline to treat urinary tract infections will be a welcomed change as patients will have reduced chances of the infection occurring again. The frequent use of antibiotics has disadvantages like expence of the drugs, increased likelihood of liver and kidney damage, and also creation of bacteria resistance to the antibiotics. forskolin and urinary tract infections can now be mentioned confidently in one sentence.