What does Coleus Forskohlii do?

Coleus forskohlii is a compound found in certain herbs of the mint family. It has been traditionally used since ancient times in treating a number of conditions, particularly those pertaining to the heart and the respiratory system. There has been a renewed interest in recent times in this age-old preparation because of its perceived benefits in treating obesity.

So, what exactly is coleus forskohlii?

It is a chemical compound that is derived from the root of a plant, whose botanical name is Plectranthus barbatus. Also commonly referred to as forskolin, it is believed to be beneficial in numerous disorders affecting the human body.

What does coleus forskohlii do?

It helps to treat certain health conditions although it can occasionally have some unpleasant side-effects too. At times, it can even interact with other medicines.
Let us now examine these effects of forskolin in more detail.

Uses of Coleus Forskohlii

It has been traditionally used in the following conditions:
Heart ailments:
It is useful in conditions related to the heart such as high blood pressure, angina pectoris, which presents as pain in the chest due to reduced blood supply to the heart, cardiomyopathy, which is a condition affecting the heart muscle. In these conditions, it is believed to act by making the heartbeat stronger, and also by relaxing the muscles in the blood vessels, thereby reducing the resistance to blood flow.In such conditions, the preparation can also be administered intravenously instead of orally.
Respiratory disorders:
Conditions like bronchitis and asthma have been found to improve with coleus forskohlii. For these and other similar breathing problems, Coleus forskohlii can be inhaled as a powder, or ingested by mouth.
It is used in various allergic conditions affecting the body.
Skin disorders:
Skin ailments like psoriasis and others also seem to improve with this compound.5.Eye conditions: Some eye diseases like glaucoma are also treated with coleus forskohlii. It can be conveniently used as drops in such conditions.
This is the most recent usefulness attributed to this herbal compound, and it is a part of several weight loss preparations. Its usefulness in this regard, although promising,still needs to be researched and documented well. It is believed to act by altering some enzymes in the body connected with fat metabolism. It thus helps in prevention of weight gain.It also probably causes increase in thyroid hormone level in the body, which in turn, results in weight loss.
Other conditions such as pain in periods, sleeplessness, convulsions are among the numerous disorders, believed to benefit from this compound.

Side-effects of coleus forskohlii

No major side effects are known after the use of this compound. However, sometimes dizziness, flushing and other unpleasant effects may be experienced.

Effect on other medications

Sometimes it can affect the action of some other medications, like causing excessive lowering of blood pressure if patient is already on blood pressure medication. It can also interfere with the action of blood thinners. Therefore, it is advised that if any surgery is planned, intake of the compound should be stopped at least 15 days prior to the date of surgery.
In conclusion, we can say that coleus forskohlii is a relatively safe preparation which is effective in curing a number of medical conditions, while showing promise in treatment of obesity. However, it should be taken while keeping your physician informed. This will help prevent any untoward incidents during its usage.